About Scepter

Scepter designs and manufactures unique moulded plastic products. In January of 2005 Scepter acquired Flo n' go.

We have a proud history as innovators in our industry. Scepter introduced the first plastic Jerry Cans to North American markets. As well, we designed and manufactured the first plastic dairy cases and the first curbside recycling containers. We also played a leading role in converting the marine outboard engine industry to plastic remote fuel tanks.

Our commitment to performance was recognized by Yamaha Marine/Sanshin Industries with the prestigious "Vendor of the Year" award.

Since Scepter introduced the original plastic Jerry Can in 1959, we have continued to refine it as new technology made improvements possible. Made from high density polyethylene, the lightweight, crushproof design has extra headspace built in to accommodate expansion. A vent and a reversible spout make pouring safe and easy. The can is rustproof, unbreakable, noncorroding.

In 2003 Scepter was certified to ISO 9001 standards. Recently the plant in Scarborough was expanded to 175,000 square feet. The company markets injection and blow-moulded products worldwide. Employing the latest in quality control processes, Scepter continues to focus on innovation and new product development. It's the company's legacy from our founder, Evald Torokvei.

The addition of Flo n' go is a perfect fit. Scepter makes it easy for consumers to safely transport and transfer fuel to both small and large gas powered engines.

Flo n' go Pump

Each year North Americans spill more than nine million gallons of gasoline, largely in attempts to fill small engines in lawn mowers, chain saws, generators and outboard motors.

Scepter's patented "Flo n' go" is designed to eliminate spillage and overfills. The gas pump handle control allows you to stop and restart the flow of gas. When used in the siphon mode, gas flows up to two gallons per minute.

Protect the environment. Scepter's unique patented Safety Shut-Off Valve seals internal gas pressure and vapors when closed and self vents when in the open position. This dual functionality significantly reduces the amount of potential organic gases that escape from traditional gas cans. The result: a healthier environment due to less smog-forming pollution.

You will find Flo n' go at leading retailers across North America. To find the nearest retailer, go to Scepter's store locator.